Tuesday, August 31, 2010


From August 7th

One of Forrest's co-workers was turning 60 this weekend and decided to throw himself a birthday party. When Forrest first told me we were going to the party, he didn't tell me anything about it. As it turned out, the party was on Seafair weekend at the Oh Boy! Oberto house! In case you aren't from the Seattle area, Seafair is a big deal. The Oh Boy! Oberto house is right on Lake Washington with an amazing view of the H1 Unlimited races and the air show.

The only downside to the day was that it was cool and a little rainy so we were under tents all afternoon.

Ephraim sat with our friend Reshma to watch the air show. He would say "fly!fly!"
The Blue Angels are amazing. We have seen their show from the other far side of Lake Washington, but having them fly in formation right over our head was so cool!

Do you see the circle of air around the plane? It is pushing the sound barrier. So cool.

Selah enjoyed the festivities. I love her little raincoat and she has only been able to wear it once.
The I-90 bridge. (Just so you can see how close we were)

The hydroplane races. So stinking fast. They were averaging 130 miles per hour. The Oh Boy! Oberto boat. It won this heat and then ended up winning overall on Sunday.
The birthday boy.
Forrest and Ephraim watching the races. Ephraim kept saying "boat! ook it(look at)!"
Ephraim playing around under the tent. I am not sure that we will get the chance to see Seafair this close again, but I hope we do. It was so neat to see the races and the Blue Angels.

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