Thursday, August 19, 2010

5 Months

Dear Selah - At 5 months old:

~you can roll over from back to front. You have only rolled over from front to back once (July 31st to be exact - the same day you learned how to roll back to front).
~you no longer sleep through the night. We had a rough week once you learned how to roll but didn't like sleeping on your tummy, but now you like it. Mommy refuses to feed you until 4 AM, but you seem to like to wake up around 1. (and then 4 and are up for the day around 7)
~you want to be on your tummy all the time
~you have discovered your toes
~you have found your tongue (and make silly noises)
~your favorite person is your brother. Momma and Daddy are a close 2nd and 3rd
~you have developed a preference for Nuk pacifiers (which is fine, but Momma misplaced all of them yesterday and you threw a fit - don't worry, I bought more today)
~you love the boat
~You fight going down for naps, but still take 3. The first and third are about 45 minutes long and the middle one is around 2 hours if you don't get interrupted.
~you enjoy being carried
~you hate being left alone
~you eat every 2.5-3.5 hours
~you get called "Sister" way more than you get called "Selah"
~you are a very happy and easy baby. (You make momma want more and have daddy thinking about it - keep up the good work!)

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jhjumper said...

I like that she gets called sister more than Selah. I will have to try and use her real name as much as possible this weekend. :) I love all the pictures and stories you've been putting up! Its so much fun to see them and hear about what you've been up to.