Thursday, August 12, 2010

Following the Brownlee's

From July 31

After a short stop at our hotel to swim and see if the kids would take a nap (they didn't) we met up with the Brownlee's at their rental house for dinner.

Ephraim and Grace goofed around on the bar stools.
The Brownlee's were having family pictures taken by a friend at Twin Rocks so we tagged along. I was trying to get Ephraim to sit next to Selah, but he kept inching away from her.
Ephraim wanted to be with the Brownlee's (and probably would have gotten in the middle of their pictures) so we brought out the frisbee to keep him occupied.
We then followed the Brownlee's to the beach for some more pictures.

Ephraim loved the sand and finding sticks.
After pictures the Brownlees came to our hotel for some swimming (and eating - the kids put away a ton of pork sliders, crackers, cheese, and salami). Nana joined us right as we were getting out of the pool and we headed our separate ways for bedtime.

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