Friday, December 21, 2007

Sleeping and Shots

On Tuesday night we were getting ready for bed and Forrest said he was hoping for a good night's sleep. Apparently on Monday night both Wallis and I were snoring and Forrest went downstairs to sleep on the couch. I didn't even realize he was gone because somehow he woke up during my middle of the night bathroom break and crawled back to bed. I felt really bad, so I tried really hard not to snore and would wake up and make sure he was still in bed. Then at 4am I woke up screaming because of a cramp in my calf. Poor Forrest, he might want to consider moving out to the couch.

I have hit a milestone this week. I received my second shipment of Lovenox shots, which means I have injected myself 100 times. For those of you that don't know, I have a clotting disorder and inject myself with Lovenox (a blood thinner) once a day as a preventative measure. I can't believe that many days have gone by! It has become part of my bedtime routine. According to my ticker, I only have 210 more shots to give myself! Woohoo!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I have finally decided to post about our trip to Hawaii - which was only 2 months ago, but whatever. It was slightly crazy getting ready for Hawaii. Forrest and I came back from my dad's service in Jackson on a Tuesday, worked 2 days and then flew out to Hawaii on Friday. (Did I mention that we flew in and out of Portland?) Forrest worked a total of 2o+ hours in those two days. We got to Hawaii on my birthday, but celebrated the next day by going to Kimo's in Lahaina. Their Naughty Hula Pie is fantastic and was my birthday cake.
We spent the first three days in Napili, which was nostalgic because the last time I was there was with my whole family, but it was absolutely beautiful and quite relaxing just being the two of us.
We then hooked up with Forrest's parents and spent the rest of the time in Kihei. We had lots of snorkeling and saw turtles every time we went out. We drove the road to Hana - which I will never do again when I am pregnant. I never get car sick, but pregnancy hormones, windy road and cheese and crackers is not a good idea. On the way to Hana we stopped at a beach for some banana bread which was quite yummy. We then drove to Black Sand Beach where Forrest found a cave to climb in. We had packed a lunch, but while Forrest was playing the cave, I saw a couple eating noodles and I then had to have noodles for lunch.

The last three days Forrest's sister joined us and we went back to Lahaina and I had to go to the Banyan Tree. If I could grow one of these at my house I would.
Overall the 10 days we spent in Hawaii were fantastic and just what we needed. God's timing was perfect because I was not ready to return to counseling right after my dad died, and I came back from Hawaii more mentally prepared to handle other people's crises. We are ready to go back anytime - so if a generous benefactor wants to send us for a babymoon - we wouldn't complain!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Weekly Update

Monday and Tuesday: Nothing too exciting. One of my kids that I work with told me I was getting fat and my response was, "that happens when you're pregnant." He then apologized.

Wednesday: My work had our office Christmas lunch at Azteca. Yummy fajitas. One of the interns asked me what my due date was and when I told her April 20th, her response was "That's horrible." Apparently 4/20 is National Pot Day. Having never smoked pot, I did not know. I think my due date is Emmett Noel's birthday, so that out trumps pot day by far.

Thursday: I found out that when we are in Jackson over Christmas, our friends are throwing me a baby shower. I never thought of that because it's so early, but I'm not going to complain. :) Forrest will get to hang out with the husbands for a "boys night."

Friday: Today has been a strange one. Today would have been the due date for the baby we lost in April. 8 months ago I thought that today would have been really sad, but how can I be sad when I am 21 weeks pregnant and this little one has been kicking away. (That may be because yesterday I told him he was in trouble for not kicking enough and he's getting back at me.) It is crazy to think that I could have been giving birth today, but then I wouldn't be pregnant with our son and I wouldn't give that up for the world.

I also went to Target today to register. I think there may be 10 items on our registry because I got there and was overwhelmed. I registered for things that seemed like a no brainer - baby tub, diaper genie plus refills. Then I started looking at baby swings, bouncers (which type is better, do I really need them to match), breast pumps (manual, electric, single, double, brand), car seats, and pack and plays. Do I need a bassinet for our room or should I just use the pack and play? I am begging all of you moms who read this blog to give me some advice.

Tonight Forrest and I are going to see the Nutcracker ballet. I am very excited - I have never been to a ballet, and I never thought Forrest would take me to one. It should be a lot of fun. If they let me take pictures I will post them.

Monday, December 03, 2007

20 weeks

It is hard to believe that I am halfway through this pregnancy. Time has really flown by. During the last week I think I "popped." It is not enough that people ask me if I am pregnant, but enough that I can wear maternity clothes. I like feeling like I look pregnant - it makes it seem more realistic. At our appointment last week - things looked pretty good. My weight gain is right on track and the baby is measuring on target. Now the difficulty will be coming up with a name - so far Forrest has vetoed everything I come up with. I bought a baby name book two weeks ago and now that we know we are having a boy, I have started to try to narrow things down. I think I need a new book though - I was looking at the letter B - two of the names were Bathazar and Beauregard. Really? I might be a crazy pregnant lady - but I'm not that crazy.