Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A New Scarf

Selah has been very into scarves lately.  She won't leave the house without one on.   She had been stealing one of mine and it was ridiculously large - so I knit her this child sized one.
(her don't take a picture of me face)
It would have only taken me about an hour to knit - if I hadn't chosen to unravel it twice.
She loves it and says "I cu!"  (I cute!)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fall Soccer

From early November, 2011

Ephraim played soccer again this fall.  He had a blast.  There is such an improvement in skill level and comprehension of the game from the 2 year olds to the 3-4 league.

Ephraim had a hour of practice on Tuesdays and games on Saturdays.  It broke up the week perfectly.  I only brought my camera to the last game - and I took a bunch.

Ephraim and his buddies kicking the ball before the game.
Pre game face.
More practicing.
In the game.
There is a huge herd mentality at this age - but at least they get that they are supposed to kick it in the goal, no hands, etc.
Switching directions.
Kicking the ball.
More of the herd.
Downside of last game - giant mud pits.
Watching his friends fall into the mud.
Trying to get the ball.
Watching the game.
Trying to stay out of trouble.
Running through the tunnel at the end of the game.
Ephraim had a lot of fun playing soccer, made some new friends and improved.  Hopefully he will have even more fun next fall!  Selah will get to play soccer next fall too - so that should make things really interesting.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Small Spaces

from mid October, 2011
 I think these pictures could speak for themselves, but they also say:

*My children don't like to wear clothes
*They like to squeeze into small spaces
*They break things (No doors on their play kitchen)
*They are approximately the same size
*I have a hard time putting away clean laundry
*They like each other
*Selah is a climber
*A sitter
*and a relaxer.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

A Pirate and a Ladybug

From October 31, 2011

These two cuties had lots of fun trick or treating around our neighborhood.  Ephraim refused to say trick or treat and Selah quickly figured out that you run up to the door and hold out your bag.

Pirate Princess

From October 25, 2011

Practicing Good Dental Hygiene

I often find her like this.

A Day at the Races

About once a week (usually Tuesdays) I have to put the kids down to bed by myself.  I am not good at this. So... my secret is that the kids and I climb into my bed, snuggle, and watch the movie Secretariat.  They love it.  Both of them can sit and watch the whole thing if they need to, but they really love the races.  Selah will ask "Where's Terry? (Secretariat)" and Ephraim knows which horse is Secretariat and which is Sham.

To fuel their love for the movie - in mid September we took the kids to Emerald Downs.  It was really overcast, but a lot of fun.
If you look closely - you can see that the track conditions says - sloppy.  Pure mud.
There is a lot of down time in horse racing - something I didn't know.  The kids enjoyed running around the open areas and playing on the benches.
They started with the shorter distance races (which start at the opposite side of the track), but we were seated right at the finish line.
I wish I had placed a bet on this horse.  I might have won a few bucks.

Playing on the fence.
The starting gate.
Off they go!

These guys work the starting gate and after it is moved to the side they were filling in the mud tracks with their boots.

At the end of each race 3 of these tractors would circle the track smoothing it out.

We checked out the bouncy house.

Shaped like a horse - fitting.
It started to rain while we were in the bouncy house - so we watched one last race and then went home.  Can you see the horses on the far side of the track?

It was a lot of fun to see in person what the kids and I enjoy watching once a week.  Maybe we will go next season too.