Monday, April 30, 2007

I am not a plant killer

I am notorious for having a "black thumb." My mom put me in charge of watering her plants for a week and I ended up killing a tree. I thought those were supposed to be hearty. This spring though, my goal is to have a beautiful front and backyard full of flowers. I want everyone to know that so far, I haven't killed anything. I actually have some petunias sprouting. They are really little, but that's okay. They are growing. I am very excited, and as soon as I can post pictures to prove that I am not killing my yard, I will.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Week of Chickens

This past week I went to Georgia for work. It was 80 degrees everyday, and very enjoyable. The theme of my week was chickens. The day I landed in Georgia, I was driving up to where we were staying and on the freeway I saw a tanker that had liquid chicken in it. I don't even know how you make liquid chicken. And in case you are wondering... it is inedible.

Then, the next day, my coworker and I were looking up tourist type things to do, and we found the "Big Chicken." So, of course we had to try to find it. All we knew was that it was in Marietta, so we stopped at a gas station, asked how to get to the "Big Chicken" and he sent us here.