Thursday, March 28, 2013

30 weeks with #3

Gestational age: 30 weeks
Blood pressure: 116/64
Weight gain so far: 16 pounds

 It is hard to believe that I am now having doctor's appointments every 2 weeks. Time has flown by lately. The past two weeks have had their struggles - 2 weeks straight of an annoying headache. It has only been really bad 1 or 2 days, otherwise it is just there. I can still function, it is just obnoxious. I have been starting off my mornings with tylenol and a glass of Coke since that combination seems to work well. I am usually a tea drinker, but even caffeinated tea doesn't work as well. My doctor told me that I could start eating more quinoa, since it has a high level of magnesium in it which could help my headaches - or I could take a supplement.

 I also picked up a slight cold last weekend which starts off my cough - puking cycle. Thankfully it does not seem as bad as the cold I had in January, and I hope to be feeling much better by Easter. I have been using my vaporizer and putting Vicks Vapor Rub on my feet at night. I'm not sure if that is what is making this cold easier - but I am going to keep doing it.

 Baby girl is taking after her older siblings and is currently breech. She is sitting in a "V" with her head on my left and her feet on my right. I'm not at all concerned as this seems to be what my children do. She has plenty of time to turn. It was pretty funny watching my doctor try to find her heartbeat. My doc was really struggling, but we knew baby was fine because she kept kicking the doppler. Dr. King kept saying "I know you are in there." and finally found her.

 I am starting to get into nesting mode and have written out my to do list. Since I like to feel productive I broke everything down into little steps. For example, the baby clothes is three steps (get them out of storage, wash, put away). Baby girl doesn't need to have her room ready or anything (although that would be icing on the cake) but she does need to have some space for her bassinet, clothes, diapers, etc and she currently has none of that. It is becoming more real that I have less than 10 weeks to accomplish everything. Including narrowing down a name. We have a list of over 40 names and NONE of them are jumping out at us. If you have any good Biblical girl names - please send them our way.
Me at 30 weeks, 2 days.  I look like I swallowed a soccer ball.  :)