Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pump It Up

We continued our morning with the Brownlees at Pump It Up. There was only one other kid there so Grace and Ephraim went from bouncy house to bouncy house. They even got Hannah and I to go in with them.
Ephraim would bounce and then purposefully fall backwards. He now does this at home on the couch.
The slide was Ephraim's favorite part.
We ended our fun morning by having lunch at Baja Fresh and then Ephraim and I went home with the Brownlee's and my mom returned to her house.

Art fun

When we got back from Hawaii, Forrest went back home and I stayed down in Oregon for a few days.

My mom, Ephraim and I met up with Hannah and Grace one morning at a little art studio for kids in Beaverton. Grace had a smock picked out for Ephraim and they got busy painting their canvases.
I wasn't sure if Ephraim would get painting, but he had a blast. I was really impressed with how focused he was at painting and how well he did at keeping the paint on his canvas and not expanding to other mediums.

Ephraim decided it would be a good idea to paint his hand and then paint his canvas with his hand.
Gracie hard at work.
I love how intense these two little artists are.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Wachob Girls

From early September:

Colleen and her girls came for a quick visit to see us and her friend Ashley before all the Wachob's went to Alaska to visit Erik's parents. It was a short trip, but we packed in as much as we could. Ephraim loved having two playmates in his house, and the girls enjoyed "baby Ephraim".
We went on opening day to the Puyallup fair. It was great because before noon you get in free, but we did not foresee the traffic and it took as over an hour to get there. After lunch, we went to the dairy barn. Elisa had an "a-ha" moment when we were watching the cows getting milked and realized that is how we get milk that we drink. We were lucky to be able to pet one of the cows as it was walking back to its pen.
We went to several other animal barns. Sadie and Ephraim rode in the wagon and loved it. At the horse barn, Sadie was making the correct animal sound and Ephraim was quacking. Sadie gave into peer pressure and started quacking at the horses too.
It had been a long morning and none of the kids had napped. We stopped for some ice cream before leaving the fair.
Ephraim didn't make it. He fell asleep as soon as we moved him to the stroller.

The next morning we headed out to the Point Defiance Zoo. We have a membership and were able to get everyone in for free. I love the polar bears and they were our first stop. I have never been to the zoo in the morning, and after this trip I will only go in the morning. The animals were being fed, and were so much more active than they are in the afternoon.
Ephraim pushing Elisa in the wagon.
We loved having the Wachob's here for a short time, and wish they lived lots closer!

The Banyan Tree

The Banyan tree in Lahaina is someplace that I HAVE to go to every time I am in Maui. I just love how huge that tree is. Forrest loves it to, so it was easy for me to convince him to go to Lahaina for dinner. Ephraim had a blast running around the tree and climbing in the trunk.

Does anyone know how I can get a banyan tree for my own yard?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Maui Aquarium

On Tuesday afternoon the boys went on a fishing trip and Malaika and I took the little guys to the aquarium. Although it is expensive to get in, I love it. I could probably spend a few hours just watching the fish swim. Ephraim enjoyed the fish, but enjoyed running through the aquarium more.
This is the only picture I have of my child standing still at the aquarium. And it is right at the beginning of the trip. Yes, I do realize that my child has no pants, but they were falling off and I didn't have another set of shorts with me.
A Hammerhead shark. The very last exhibit is a large tank with all kinds of deep sea fish - sharks, tuna, large rays, etc, and there is a tunnel you walk through. Ephraim would not sit with me and look at the big fish swimming over his head and continued to run back to the jellyfish tank.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Afternoons in Paradise

After the beach we would head back to the condo for lunch and naps. Ephraim did not nap very well when we shared the condo with the Browns - I think he knew that Beckett was somewhere and wanted to play - but after they left and we had the condo to ourselves for a few days he did better.

Once Ephraim woke up we usually went down to the pool. There were some little girls that loved Ephraim and seemed to be at the pool when we were. We would swim for about an hour and then...
we played shuffleboard. Ephraim liked to try to move the discs with the sticks, but usually ran around us. I started off kicking Forrest's booty, but the last few games would be ahead until he would score 30 plus points in one turn and I lost. I told Forrest he needs to put a shuffleboard area in our backyard so I can practice more.
Ephraim would then play in our condo until dinner. He loved the curtains on the big window and would play peek-a-boo with them.

Mornings in Paradise

With both Beckett and Ephraim being early risers, it was easy for us to get out of the door and head to the beach right after breakfast. Ephraim loved the beach! It worked out well for us to have Forrest go snorkeling first while Ephraim and I played in the sand. Ephraim and I would then go swimming and by that time Forrest was done snorkeling and we would switch places.
Matt and Malaika had this great tent they brought for Beckett and Ephraim enjoyed trying it out. If we go to Hawaii next year I am buying one for the new baby.
Ephraim would find treasures in the sand and would make piles. Later in the week we bought him a bucket with some tools that he loved.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Iao Valley

We decided to forgo the beach this morning and headed up to Makawao to a bakery. Unfortunately the beautiful drive was for nothing as the bakery was closed while the owners were on vacation. We drove back to Paia with Matt, Malaika, and Beckett and had a yummy breakfast. We then drove to the Iao Valley as none of us had been there before.
This is how Ephraim saw the Iao Needle. He was sound asleep until we left.
The Iao Needle. I am glad we went, but don't know that I would make the trip again.

Babes and Bugs

We shared a condo with our friends Matt and Malaika Brown. They have a little boy Beckett, who is 6 months old. Ephraim loved Beckett. He would play with his toys with him and even tried to share his mac and cheese with him. It was great to see that Ephraim could be gentle with a baby since he is normally so rough and tumble.
Ephraim would spontaneously give Beckett kisses and I was able to capture it on camera.
This isn't a picture of a bug, but Ephraim is pointing out the baby gecko we found in our condo. I did kill a giant cockroach in our condo, but thankfully don't have any pictures of that.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Luau!

The wedding reception was on Sunday night at the Feast at Lele. It is a five course sit down meal with each course from a different Polynesian island. We "traveled" to Hawaii, New Zealand, Tahiti and Samoa. After each course they performed native dances from that island.
The food was good, but the service was excellent. There was a drink waitress who came by and offered us any beverage we could think of. Included with the meal was 9 mixed drinks, 9 wines and 9 beers. They made all of the mixed drinks non-alcoholic for me, and Ephraim and I enjoyed several pina coladas and banana freezes. There was one person in our party who was allergic to gluten and dairy. They made him special versions of every course that were brought out on a seperate plate (everything was served family style).
Ephraim loved the dances and was glued to their every move. The luau took over 3 hours, but he did a great job at sitting still and tasted quite a bit of the food.
Our waiter was fantastic and had the chefs make Ephraim his own bowl of white rice (even though none of the courses came with rice) without us asking him to, and then he brought us a warm towel to clean up the mess of rice that Ephraim made after devouring the bowl.
Ephraim was so sleepy and fell asleep during the dessert course right before the fire dancer came on stage.
Every other luau I have been to you are greeted with shell leis but they gave us flower leis and Mark decided to try all of ours on.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Wedding

The reason we went to Hawaii was to attend the wedding of Brent (Forrest's coworker) and Reshma (ok, we used their wedding as an excuse, but still...)

They got married on Saturday evening at this little beach in Makena. When we arrived in the parking lot there were three other wedding couples there waiting for their officiants to arrive. Popular beach! Ben arrived early to stake out "the cove" and when he arrived there were several nudists sunbathing. He let them know that a wedding was going to take place and that they were more than welcome to stay. Three of them packed up and left and the last one covered up and stayed under an umbrella in the back of the cove.
A family photo. Ephraim LOVES water and was not happy that we were not letting him down in his nice clothes.
Jason the photographer. He works with Forrest and Brent and is a professional concert photographer.
Before the ceremony Forrest let Ephraim play on the rocks and explore.

Ephraim was having a lot of fun and did not want to get down for the ceremony to start.
Brent and reshma. Resh is from India and wore a beautiful sari that was covered in gorgeous beadwork. Brent also dressed in Indian attire.

I wanted to get up and touch her gown, but decided that probably wasn't appropriate.
It was a beautiful sunset and a nice sweet ceremony. Forrest got a kick out of the officiant's mullet and made sure to get a picture.
The boys celebrated by stripping down to their shorts and running into the ocean. This hadn't been planned so all of them were wearing their nice shorts with nothing to change into as we left to go to the post-wedding party.