Saturday, September 15, 2012

Grandpa Jack's 100th Birthday Party

Sunday evening we headed back to Rancho Bernardo for a birthday party at Carver's - my Grandpa's favorite steakhouse. With the 30+ of us and 35 of Grandpa's friends it was quite the party.

Eph fell asleep on the way there.
We had put together a bunch of pictures of Grandpa in the number 100.  I wish I had taken more pictures of the decoration - Grandpa used to work for Ford and LOVES cars, so each table was named after a different car that he has owned.
Forrest and Eph

A bunch of friends.  It was so cool to see how many people showed up for the party.
Colleen and Raina
Erik wrangling kids for a picture.

Leithen (6), Elisa (6), Rowan (3), Sadie (4), Raina (2) and Selah (2)
Look!  Ephraim decided to join!
WooHoo!  Grandpa Jack is 100!

San Diego Day 4

Sunday morning was Grandpa's actual birthday!  100 years old!  We all got up and went to Mass. It was 30 minutes away and Mass started at 9. Not an easy feat for a group this large, but we all made it with time to spare.  Grandpa was honored at Mass and the entire congregation gave him a standing ovation.  Pretty awesome.

We then headed back to the beach house and had some family pictures taken.  The rest of the afternoon was spent on the beach.

Nani and her youngest granddaughters
Christina and baby Catherine
Colleen and Cathy playing in the waves
My mom and aunt Trisha
Playing in the waves.  (Josh, Leithen, Jack, Michael, Ephraim, and Michelle)
Josh, Michael and Jack
Leithen and Ephraim
Paige and Emily
Ryan and Emily
Charles and Eph
Leithen playing frisbee
Most of our group.