Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thomasson Family Farm

From October 12th,

Today we ventured out to Thomasson Family Farm. It is a great pumpkin patch in Enumclaw that we also visited last year. Last year Ephraim had a lot of fun. This year I think he enjoyed it more. The weather was beautiful and he just "gets it" more. It was fun to have him run to the horse and ask to climb on and ride it.

I had to convince him to climb off so that we could explore other activities.
The bubble wands were fun. Ephraim got really excited when he was able to make bubbles come out of the wand.
The rubber ducky station was by far the favorite though. He would line up as many duckies as he could and then pump as hard as his little arms would let him. He is still a little short to do it properly, but he sure tried!

We then went to the corn box. Ephraim was more adventurous this year and was jumping off of the bales and crashing.
Proof that Selah was there.
We ended our afternoon by riding the tractor.
It was the perfect fall afternoon and a great way to spend my 32nd birthday.

First Big Girl Bath

From October 3rd,

With the newly acquired skill of sitting up, Selah had her first big girl bath.

This is now a part of our nightly routine and she and Ephraim LOVE it.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

6 months

Since Selah's 9 month appointment is this week... maybe I should write her 6 month update

From October 4th

Height:27 inches (81st percentile)
Weight: 21 pounds .2 ounces (99th percentile)
Head circumference: 16.75inches (42nd percentile)
There is no getting around this. The girl is big. Some (her mother) would call her gargantuan. The 99th percentile in weight is only because you can't go any higher. She is super strong and is very active. Sweet Selah has been crawling on her hands and knees for almost 3 weeks. She started to pull up to standing while we were in Wyoming and has perfected that move. In Wyoming she taught herself how to tripod and that quickly moved to sitting up. She never had any major falls backwards like her brother did.

Selah enjoys eating solids. I started her on rice cereal two weeks before she turned 6 months because she stopped sleeping through the night. She likes to eat her fruits and veggies mixed in with her cereal and not by themselves.

Selah loves her brother and wants to be right next to whatever it is he is doing. The majority of the time Ephraim loves it and it doesn't cause a lot of problems. She is usually smiling, but can get really mad if you leave her alone and she doesn't want to be. She snuggles, but only when she is tired - otherwise she wants to be on the move.

These next pictures happened after our doctor's appointment. I went downstairs to switch out the laundry, leaving Ephraim at the table coloring and Selah in the family room playing with toys. I found this...

Gotta love the posing.

Saturday, December 04, 2010


From October 1st

My mom had a tree planted at the hospital in Jackson in honor of my dad and it seemed fitting to visit the tree on the third anniversary of his death. Forrest and I had not seen the tree and we wanted to make sure we did before we left. This plaque is on a rock right in front of the tree. You can click on the picture to make it easier to read.
The big kids in front of the tree.
All of us.
We were sad to end our time in Jackson, but real life was calling. Things that we enjoyed
~Forrest taking 2 weeks off in a row and not working a single day we were there. That has never happened
~Ephraim took a nap every day but one in Jackson and brought that habit back home with him.
~Getting to enjoy God's creation in warm 75 degree weather
~Both Forrest and I find Jackson refreshing and feel replenished when we are there
~watching cousins enjoy each other and get to know each other. Ephraim says whenever he sees a picture of Elisa or Sadie "me miss them". Me too buddy.
~I think that we saw almost everybody on our "list." Although we definitely did not get to spend enough time with all of them. You are all welcome to visit and stay with us anytime.

Our Last Full Day, Part 2

From September 30th, continued...

After spending time with the Green family, we met up with Erik at his parents house in Kelly. These bison or (bison bison) as Sadie and Elisa would tell you (It's their scientific name) are on the way to Doug and Becky's house.

Colleen was sandwiched between Ephraim and Sadie. She started playing this game where they would tell her to "Go to sleep!" and she would flop forward. They would then yell "Wake up!" and hit her and she would sit back up. It brought lots of laughs and Ephraim still plays it.
Picture proof that Selah started to pull herself up at barely 6 months old.
Ephraim driving the Land Cruiser.
Doug and Becky live at the Teton Science School and this is the view from their house. (Sorry for the haze, there was a fire).
After a yummy dinner we went for a walk to the river.

The kids played in the water and threw rocks.

Sadie had just fallen down and was a little startled but came back up smiling.

My beautiful sister.
Becky and Raina. Is there anything sweeter than knowing that your kids grandparents love them?
My handsome hubby. Do you see those eyes? No wonder I can't ever stay mad at him.
The view on the hike back.

Our Last Full Day, Part 1

From September 30th

We (everyone but Erik) met up with the Green family up at Jackson Lake Lodge. On the way we pulled over at Oxbow Bend when we saw these two:
My mother-in-law loves moose and the first time we saw a moose on this trip I called her and rubbed it in. :) I didn't call her this time. Forrest, Colleen and I were trying to figure out how all of the photographers on the other side of the river got to where they are. It is hard to see, but they had on some gigantic lenses and I am guessing they got some great photos.
At the lodge we ordered some snacks and ate on the outside patio. There were some elk wandering around in the meadow.
Eating french fries and drinking apple juice.

We went on a very short hike up to the top of a small hill above the Lodge.
The group minus me. Thanks Green family for inviting us! We didn't get to hang out with you enough!

String Lake

From September 29th

Today we went on a hike to String Lake. This has always been one of my favorite spots to hike. We probably only hiked a mile total, but I thoroughly enjoyed being outside on such a beautiful day.
I'm not sure what they are looking at, but I love that they are all bent over the same way.

The big kids all got down to their skivvies and played in the water.

The kids were all soaked and rode home in just pull ups. The girls don't wear them, but we didn't think it would be very comfortable to ride in a carseat naked.