Wednesday, July 18, 2012

San Diego - Day 3

Saturday at the beach was pretty low key. We had decided not to go anywhere and just enjoy each other.
We spent time at the beach and playing in the waves and eating.
Yummy fish tacos for lunch and delicious steak for dinner.
After the kids went to bed some of the guys went hot tubbing while the girls talked.  (About labor and such- no wonder they left.)
It was a relaxing and fun day.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

San Diego - Day 2

Friday morning Erik and I went for a run. It was on my training plan to run for 2 but we actually ran 5.  It was fun to run with someone and to have some encouragement running up the San Diego hills (Up the Hill Woman!)

The Arnold's and Wachob's then drove into San Diego and visited the USS Midway.  It is an aircraft carrier turned into museum.
We had lots of fun wondering through.  The kids are sitting in one of the ready rooms for pilots.  We walked through several ready rooms and in one of them was a former crewmember of the USS Midway answering questions.
Eph standing next to a Boeing sign.  We can't escape it.  :)
Another ready room.  We also got to walk through a bunch of different bed rooms and it was fun to compare the sizes of rooms and bunks and talk to the kids about it.  The smallest bunks all jammed into a small room - that is what cousin Jack will get to sleep on.  The larger bunk room with only 4 bunks?  That is for junior officers - like Uncle Adam.  The queen sized bed in a bedroom and then adjoining office room - that is for senior officers like Boppa.  And the rooms for the Captain?  And Admiral of the Fleet?  Huge.  Each with it's own conference room and separate kitchens with chefs.
On the hangar deck were a bunch of planes that the kids could sit in.
They had fun climbing in and out of all of them.

We then went up to the flight deck.  It is crazy how high up you are.  The kids got to climb in some more planes.
Inside a helicopter.  I forget what type this is - but it is the Navy version of what Uncle Adam Wachob flies in.

The little girls buckling themselves in.
Our attempt at a family picture.

The best of all 5 kiddos together.
Erik, Forrest, Elisa and Ephraim went on a tour of the bridge while Colleen and I took the little girls (they were too short) and Sadie back down to the hangar deck and bought some snacks.

We drove to In N Out for lunch and then drove to the beach house to meet up with the rest of the family.  The evening was spent eating dinner and exploring the 4 story beach house.  Everyone (there were 37 of us) arrived and there was a lot of catching up to do.

San Diego - Day 1

Our flight left super early on Thursday morning - which meant we had traveled down to Vancouver Wednesday night. Forrest got home late, which meant we left late and arrived at Frank and Lona's late.

We arrived at Frank and Lona's around 11:30 and a certain 2 year old woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep.  She wasn't naughty, just not able to settle down.  Wallis didn't help - he would wonder from Forrest, to me to Frank and Lona's room over and over.  Checking on us and licking.  Forrest finally kicked him out and shut the door around 3 and Selah fell asleep around 4.  Too bad the alarm clock woke us up 45 minutes later.

At the airport the kids did pretty well going through security.  Selah had a meltdown at the gate and I am pretty sure the other passengers were a bit worried.
Ephraim was excited to get on the plane.
Both kids did great on the plane, although neither slept.  We landed in San Diego at 9AM.  Rather than take my overtired children to my grandpa's house we headed to Seaport Village - which is about a mile from the airport.  We had lunch (at 10:30) and walked around the walkway.
The kids enjoyed climbing the trees and looking at the big ships in the harbor.

We left and headed to my grandpa's house.  He lives inland about 30minutes.  Both kiddos slept and we had the GPS take us on a slight detour to Target so Forrest could buy some new swim trunks and flip flops.  He forgot.

We made it to Grandpa's and other family members started trickling in.  Trish lives nearby and the Rogers and Wachobs showed up by around 4.  We took the kids swimming in Grandpa's pool.  It was a bit chilly since he had recently drained it, but they didn't mind.
Dinner was pizza - and we left pretty early so that we could get kids to bed.  We stayed the night at a hotel right up the street from Grandpa's place.
It was a fun first day.