Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ready for the Election

If Obama wins the election, we will be relying on this.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Our trip to Hawaii was absolutely wonderful and way too short. I love spending time with my family anywhere, but there was the added reality that we were in paradise and all on vacation that made it that more wonderful. Colleen posted on her blog a day by day list of all of the activities we did, so I won't repeat. I do need to say thank you to my daddy though - his 400K skymiles made our trip possible. We missed him terribly, but thought of him often!

Our little beach baby. He loved being in the water and would fuss after being taken out.
Michelle, mom and Elisa kayaking.
Elisa and Erik. I think this picture would look really cool in black and white, but I am Photoshop retarded so I can't change it.
Sadie - isn't she a beauty!
Elisa and Ephraim.
Grandpa Jack with his two youngest great grandkids.
A sunset off of our Lanai.
I think that Sadie and Ephraim look a lot alike.
Ephraim chillin in his diaper.
Erik, Forrest and Ryan in their scuba gear. Forrest has a sweet tan line from his booties!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I've Been Tagged

20 Years Ago I was....
9 years old. I was going into 4th grade (I think). We were living in California and had recently bought a boat. We spent the summer on the water and I loved to waterski. I had a funky glasses, buck teeth, and was kinda funny looking.

10 Years Ago I was....
19. I was at George Fox, enduring day long volleyball practices. I was the only sophomore on the team that year and we ended up going to Nationals, so all of those practices were worth it. Colleen would be going to George Fox that year, and it was lots of fun to have my sister at college. We were given the nicknames 4biss and 3biss. I was living on Hob 3 with Marisa and I had a bed that everyone thought I had brought from home because it didn't pull out.

5 Years Ago I was....
Planning my wedding. Forrest had proposed a month ago and Michelle, my mom and I had just returned from Salt Lake City where we bought my wedding dress. I had just started coaching volleyball at Jackson Hole Middle School, but did not have a full time job yet. Forrest was still living at my parents house because school didn't start until the end of September.

3 Years ago I was....
26. We had been living in Seattle for 6 months and I was working at Catholic Community Services as a Family Therapist. We had an apartment in Renton and were enjoying having two incomes - something completely new to us!

So Far this year I...
lost my dad, had a baby, and fell more deeply in love with my husband. I have enjoyed watching my sweet Ephraim grow and develop more of a personality. I have grown closer to my family, as we mourn together and appreciate our time with each other. I have realized what it really means to be a kindred spirit and am incredibly thankful for those in my life.

Yesterday I...
went to a family picnic and drove home from Oregon.

Tomorrow I will...
catch up on household chores and try to get my baby back on a Pacific Time Zone schedule.

Next year I will...
turn 30...yikes! Maybe I will... train for a triathalon, organize my house, try for another baby, buy a new car. I will definitely try to enjoy life, my family, and my friends.

I tag Colleen, Michelle, Kat, Laura, Lyndsey, and Andrea

To Peak Your Interest

I have lots of pictures to upload from Hawaii, but this is one of my favorites. Ephraim and his Great-Grandpa Jack.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


7 days until we go to Hawaii. Ephraim is ready.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Catch Up

The Last week of our lives:
Wednesday - Ryan came up to take the first part of a scuba diving course with Forrest.
Thursday - my new washer and dryer came. Aren't they pretty?

Friday - my mom, Michelle, and Ryan came up to spend the weekend.
Saturday - Ryan and Forrest took a scuba diving course to get certified to go to Hawaii. It was not that warm on Saturday in Covington (apparently it was sunny everywhere else), so we went to the SuperMall and did some shopping in preparation for Hawaii.
Sunday- the girls went to church and then we had lunch at Ivars in Renton on the waterfront. There is a really nice pathway so we took a nice long walk and were able to see the Blue Angels perform. It was really cool. The boys finished their course.
Ephraim spitting up on the top of Michelle's head - she washed her hair two times that morning
The one time we were actually going to be on time for church, Ephraim had the biggest blowout ever in his car seat.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Our Little Munchkin

Happy 4 month Birthday Ephraim!

Ephraim's "Stats"

*14 pounds, 2 ounces (35th percentile)
*24 1/2 inches long (35th percentile)
*Head is 15 3/4 inches around (7th percentile)
*eats every 2 1/2 hours - Our pediatrician believes that Ephraim is playing catch up from his first month and a half of life - and thinks that once Ephraim catches up in weight then he will stretch out his eating.
*enjoys standing up
*likes tummy time - He is not really interested in rolling over - he'd rather just look around
*loves books
*loves being outside
*Is quite the talker, and enjoys laughing
*he seems to understand the difference between girls and guys and loves to interact with his dad and uncle Ryan.
*Still hates his car seat.
*He has started to grab objects, but doesn't really understand what to do with them after he has them.
*He has several new nicknames - Drool Bug, Chunky Monkey, and at times, Mr. Cranky Pants

Ephraim becomes more and more fun everyday! He is a very happy baby and makes it easy to enjoy being a mom.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Happy Birthday Hannah! I hope you have a great day!