Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oregon State Baseball

Back in May we were able to attend an Oregon State vs. University of Washington baseball game. I probably would have wanted to go regardless. Beavers plus baseball equals fun in my book. The super fun part was that the game was at Safeco Field. We went with several of Forrest's coworkers (fellow Beavs) and all of us were decked out in orange and black. (I actually don't own anything with Oregon State on it, so I wore Forrest's OSU baseball cap.)

Daddy and Selah at the game.

There were a ton of OSU fans there. Safeco had several food options available, but no alcohol. The kids ate french fries. I ate chocolate covered strawberries.
Ephraim (with his glove) and Matt. Ephraim kept wanting to catch a foul ball. We were sitting behind home plate and there were 2 opportunities, but Forrest decided to not sacrifice his body running over chairs to get them. Ephraim was a little bummed.
Do you see that little itty bitty section of purple? The Husky fans. We FAR outnumbered them. They did bring the school band though.
It was a blast to go to the game - even though we didn't get to stay for all of it because we had a party to go to. The Beavs won the game and we hope they get to play at Safeco Field next year too!

Friday, August 05, 2011

When Daddy's In Charge...

Over Father's Day Weekend, I saw a chance to take a shower in the morning (A very rare occurance in my life lately.) Forrest was watching tv, I placed Selah on top of him, closed both gates and told him "You are in charge."

I came down the stairs after my shower to find Forrest disciplining both of our children for this:

Covered in markers. Head to toe.
Apparently Selah got off of Forrest he fell asleep.
Into the bath they went. The water turned purple.
And just to show that I have lost any control in my house - This is how I find her often.
On top of the table. Happy as a clam.