Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nehalem Bay Winery

From July 31st
We headed out to the Oregon Coast for the weekend. Our friend Hannah was having her 30th birthday party at Rockaway Beach on Sunday and we decided to stay at the beach all weekend, rather than drive there and back home on Sunday. If you find yourself staying out by Rockaway Beach, the Garabaldi Inn and Suites is FANTASTIC! The food really makes it worth it. The breakfast was delicious, but the happy hour Pulled pork sliders were amazing. And they have an indoor pool. We arrived Friday night, but were ready to see the sights on Saturday morning.

First stop - Forrest and I headed out to the Nehalem Bay Winery. It was a beautiful drive from our hotel. We didn't know it, but they were having free tastings - perfect! Normally Forrest and I will buy one wine when we go tasting.
We bought six! And we could have bought several more, but decided our checkbook probably needed a break. All 6 wines are different. We love dessert wines and bought a reisling, a gewurztraminer, peach wine, blackberry wine, a muscat and a mead.
We have already enjoyed one and look forward to drinking the rest.

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Neil, Kelsey, and Elliott Cantrall said...

You went to Nehalem Bay Winery?!? That's where we had my Senior prom in high school. Random fact for the day. :)