Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Wachob Girls

From early September:

Colleen and her girls came for a quick visit to see us and her friend Ashley before all the Wachob's went to Alaska to visit Erik's parents. It was a short trip, but we packed in as much as we could. Ephraim loved having two playmates in his house, and the girls enjoyed "baby Ephraim".
We went on opening day to the Puyallup fair. It was great because before noon you get in free, but we did not foresee the traffic and it took as over an hour to get there. After lunch, we went to the dairy barn. Elisa had an "a-ha" moment when we were watching the cows getting milked and realized that is how we get milk that we drink. We were lucky to be able to pet one of the cows as it was walking back to its pen.
We went to several other animal barns. Sadie and Ephraim rode in the wagon and loved it. At the horse barn, Sadie was making the correct animal sound and Ephraim was quacking. Sadie gave into peer pressure and started quacking at the horses too.
It had been a long morning and none of the kids had napped. We stopped for some ice cream before leaving the fair.
Ephraim didn't make it. He fell asleep as soon as we moved him to the stroller.

The next morning we headed out to the Point Defiance Zoo. We have a membership and were able to get everyone in for free. I love the polar bears and they were our first stop. I have never been to the zoo in the morning, and after this trip I will only go in the morning. The animals were being fed, and were so much more active than they are in the afternoon.
Ephraim pushing Elisa in the wagon.
We loved having the Wachob's here for a short time, and wish they lived lots closer!

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