Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Luau!

The wedding reception was on Sunday night at the Feast at Lele. It is a five course sit down meal with each course from a different Polynesian island. We "traveled" to Hawaii, New Zealand, Tahiti and Samoa. After each course they performed native dances from that island.
The food was good, but the service was excellent. There was a drink waitress who came by and offered us any beverage we could think of. Included with the meal was 9 mixed drinks, 9 wines and 9 beers. They made all of the mixed drinks non-alcoholic for me, and Ephraim and I enjoyed several pina coladas and banana freezes. There was one person in our party who was allergic to gluten and dairy. They made him special versions of every course that were brought out on a seperate plate (everything was served family style).
Ephraim loved the dances and was glued to their every move. The luau took over 3 hours, but he did a great job at sitting still and tasted quite a bit of the food.
Our waiter was fantastic and had the chefs make Ephraim his own bowl of white rice (even though none of the courses came with rice) without us asking him to, and then he brought us a warm towel to clean up the mess of rice that Ephraim made after devouring the bowl.
Ephraim was so sleepy and fell asleep during the dessert course right before the fire dancer came on stage.
Every other luau I have been to you are greeted with shell leis but they gave us flower leis and Mark decided to try all of ours on.

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