Thursday, September 24, 2009

Afternoons in Paradise

After the beach we would head back to the condo for lunch and naps. Ephraim did not nap very well when we shared the condo with the Browns - I think he knew that Beckett was somewhere and wanted to play - but after they left and we had the condo to ourselves for a few days he did better.

Once Ephraim woke up we usually went down to the pool. There were some little girls that loved Ephraim and seemed to be at the pool when we were. We would swim for about an hour and then...
we played shuffleboard. Ephraim liked to try to move the discs with the sticks, but usually ran around us. I started off kicking Forrest's booty, but the last few games would be ahead until he would score 30 plus points in one turn and I lost. I told Forrest he needs to put a shuffleboard area in our backyard so I can practice more.
Ephraim would then play in our condo until dinner. He loved the curtains on the big window and would play peek-a-boo with them.

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