Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Lost Lake

From mid August:

We went camping for a long weekend with the Moody's and Brownlees. Nate and Ramie graciously went to the campground on Thursday night to secure us a spot and we drove down to Forrest's parents that night. We made it to the campground shortly after lunch on Friday. (We had to stop in Hood River for New York City Sub Shop.) The Brownlee's joined us a few hours later.

It was cold. I had checked the weather report for Hood River before I started packing, knowing it would be about 10 degrees or so cooler at Lost Lake. Forrest and I did not pack great for ourselves, but I packed pretty well for Ephraim, and Gracie ended up wearing his jacket all weekend while he was in fleece jammies with a puffy vest all weekend.

Friday night was pretty low-key. We made foil dinners for supper and hung around the campfire. Saturday morning we ate breakfast and then went for a short hike to do some fishing. Nate caught the first fish and Gracie wanted to touch it. Ephraim was asleep on my back, or he would probably want to touch it too.
Forrest and his fish.
We got back to the campsite for lunch and Gracie helped Nate restart the fire. One of my biggest fears before going camping was keeping kids out of the fire, but they did great and seemed to understand that it was hot.
After lunch we rented some boats.
The ever safety conscious Brownlee's were ready for our adventure.
This is the only picture I have of us being out on the boat. Ephraim was not a happy camper and I spent a lot of time trying to keep him happy.
After feeding my child two and a half Brown Sugar pop tarts I decided he and I were done and they dropped us off at shore. Ephraim enjoyed hiking the trail and would periodically sit down on the ledge.
They had these great benches and Ephraim was more than willing to pose.
After the boat ride we spent the rest of the evening at camp. The kids played in the dirt and we made hamburgers and peach cobbler in a dutch oven for dinner.

Sunday morning we packed up camp before going on any adventures. Gracie and Ephraim loved being in the empty tent and I am pretty sure they were having a dance party to no music.
It warmed up by mid morning and we were finally able to change out of the clothes we had been wearing all weekend. Ephraim and Grace found the golf cart by our cars and pretended to drive.
We took another short hike to the lookout and finally got to see Mt. Hood. Nate and Ramie.
The Brownlee's.
The Arnold's.

The Brownlees headed home after taking pictures so they could catch Gracie's nap and the rest of us went for a hike around the lake. Ephraim fell asleep pretty quickly and didn't wake up until the very end of the 3 mile hike.
Before we could leave Nate and Forrest decided they needed to cook some of the fish they caught.
The fish was delicious and I don't even like trout.
We had so much fun camping and are already planning our camping trip next summer. We will have to change our locale, due to having a 3 year old, 2 year old, 2 crawlers and an infant, but it should be fun!

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