Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What I Know About Worms...

Let me start off by saying that I don't know a whole heck of a lot about worms - mine haven't arrived yet - but several people have asked me about my composter and I decided it would be easiest to blog about it to answer the questions.

I decided to go with a worm composter over regular composting simply because I am terrified of rodents. I am not that crazy about worms either, but they are way lower on the fear scale. The three oldest Forbes women have all decided to start composting with worms and each of us has purchased a different system. I chose this compost system. After researching online - I decided it fit best with my needs. I really like that it has a roof - which in my head again decreases the chance of rodents coming near my home - and living in Washington it makes sense to me to have a roof on my composter. Call me crazy.

My mom chose this compost system. It seems to be the most popular worm composting system. It is very similar to the one I have and has a lid, but not a roof. It has been featured on several television shows.

Colleen will use this system. Hers is by far the cheapest option, but does not have trays - the compost moves to the bottom of the bin as the worms move upward to eat the food. I really liked that the worms came with your purchase of the bin - I had to buy mine sepearately. It must be a popular system because Colleen ordered hers before I ordered mine and hers is backordered.

None of us have our worms yet. My mom is in California this week and didn't want to start until she returns. The company I ordered from sends the worms approximately a week after you get your bins so that you have time to get everything set up for them. I bought a small paint bucket and have already started collecting food scraps for my worms so they won't be hungry when they get here. Once I actually get going I will let those of you who are interested know how it is going.

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