Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First Haircut

Forrest has been saying for awhile that Ephraim needs a haircut. Today I finally took the plunge.
Sitting in the airplane.
He got a kick out of checking himself out in the big mirror.
Driving the airplane.
The spikes are a little too long.
Finished big boy haircut. I am really pleased with the result - although a little sad to see his curls go. (I love that his shirt says "I am a really big deal." - he sure thinks so.) We finished our big boy afternoon by having lunch at Panda Express


Shannon said...

Amy, he looks so cute!

Diane said...

Cute! We took Mason to a similar place for his first haircut. :) Ephraim looks like a little man now. I can't believe he is almost one! :)

Andrea said...

Mike thinks Asher needs a haircut too, so he is not allowed to be alone with him until I am ready for his summer do!