Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Things I Have Learned This Week:

~Ephraim likes grapefruit.
~ If you ignore the Great Cheerio Disaster of March 09 long enough - the dog will clean it up.
~ I hate throwing up as much as I always have (and am so thankful that morning sickness was never an issue when I was pregnant with Ephraim)
~ The above comment has renewed my efforts to always keep my kitchen sink clean.
~ Forrest is fantastic at taking care of me when I am sick (I have known this it was just reinforced this past week)
~When giving middle of the night instructions - one should be very specific. It is extremely difficult to read minds in the dark.
~If Forrest and I decide I shouldn't be eating dairy - that is all I will crave.
~When I am sick I revert back to 10 year old Amy and want to be taken care of while I lie in bed.
~Pack n plays make great baby jails when mom wants to take a nap.

Edited to add: I just learned that Bisquick should be refrigerated after opening. Um... who has room for a Costco sized box of Bisquick in their refrigerator?

1 comment :

Hannah said...

Maybe you are puking and craving dairy because you are pregnant!

Also, I have never ever ever in my life refrigerated bisquick. I don't believe your story.