Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Dad Would Be Proud

Today was a good day in ladies basketball. The Jackson Hole High School Broncs won the state championship! When I played my dad was our team doc and has a ball that says 6th man signed by all of us. The George Fox University Bruins also extended their undefeated streak and have made into the Final Four! My dad loved the Bruins and even though I only played on the team for a year, he was on the D3hoops website commenting and would even plan trips out to see us in the winter around the girls' home game schedule. I'm pretty sure Dad is doing a slam dunk in heaven this evening.


Kat said...

I didn't know that Jackson Hole Broncs won. Congrats to them. That rocks. Your Dad was a cutie about sports, well he might not appreciate being called a cutie :) instead I will say he was an incredible sportsman :) He is missed and remembered.

jhjumper said...

Mom and I were talking about this last night. Megan Dickerson and I talked about it last week too - how excited Dad would be to know that "his" teams were so amazing.

Barb said...

I bet Dad can even palm a basketball now! It is comforting to know that Dad is smiling down on us as we remember how much he loved these teams.