Monday, March 23, 2009

A Weekend of Gardening

Frank and Lona came up this weekend to spend some time with Ephraim (and us - but we know who they really came for). They haven't seen him since New Year's so it was fun. I love being able to put Frank to work - so this weekend he and Forrest built raised garden beds for me.
The actual building of the beds didn't take long at all - but all of the shoveling and moving of the dirt and mulch piles was hard work.
In case you were wondering why there are red flags everywhere - they are to keep Wallis out. I am very excited and already have seeds growing in little pots in my basement. Everything is sprouting so far and I get really excited every morning when I go downstairs to water them.
In other exciting news - this is my worm composter that came in the mail on Friday. I have been wanting to compost for awhile - and looked at all sorts of compost bins. I am terrified of rodents and decided that worm composting decreased my chances of luring rodents to my back yard. My worms are coming next week and I already have food scraps ready for them to eat.

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Andrea said...

Could you report on where you got your composter from? We are trying to figure out our best course of action as far as composting goes and would love info!