Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend Recap

On Saturday we met up with Frank and Lona, my Mom and Michelle at the Puyallup Fair. It was boring down rain all day, but we had a blast anyway. We brought the jogging stroller because it has a rain fly and Ephraim had fun. Ephraim loved looking at the cows and goats. There was even a calf born on his birthday- but it outweighed him by quite a bit. Ephraim took at nap in the Baby Bjorn for 2 hours. I have a Woobee blanket that is waterproof on one side and it ties onto strollers/carriers. It was fantastic because Ephraim was covered and warm and didn't get wet. They are a little on the spendy side - but I think they are totally worth it.

Then on Sunday we had Ephraim dedicated at church. He was quite the ham and really enjoyed looking out at everybody in the congregation. I was quite impressed that we got out of the house on time! The dedication was at the 9:30 service and Forrest and I never make it to that one because we are too lazy to get up that early.

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Hannah said...

He looks so big!