Monday, September 22, 2008

If Ephraim Was 2...

* I would have put him back into bed this morning and had a talk about being grateful and we would have prayed for Jesus to give him a "happy heart" and tried to start our day over again.
*He might have had several time outs because at the age of 2, I don't think being grumpy is an excuse for throwing a fit and screaming.

But, My sweet baby isn't two - he's five months old, so instead...

*we went from activity to activity trying to find something he would be happy at.
* I ate lunch sitting on the rocking chair ottoman while he laid on his changing table - one of the few places he was happy for a short time.
*We took a nap together, because, really mommy needed to start her day over again too.
*He took at bath at 3PM this afternoon because Ephraim loves his bath and enjoys the blue hippo and cow/duck toys.
*I broke my sugar fast and drank a Coke because we were all out of diet Coke and I REALLY needed a caffeine pick me up.
*I gave him teething tablets. (is he teething? I have no idea, but something is not right today and they seem to help.)
*We have prayed for Mommy's patience to get through the rest of the day and that tomorrow my sweet Ephraim will return.


Anonymous said...

Amy, you will get through it! He may be teething...did you try any tylenol? I remember Emmett having that kind of day too. It's so hard when they are grumpy because you have no idea why or what to do! Emmett and I will pray for a better day tomorrow.

Andrea said...

Try the Hylands Teething Tablets. They work well. I think they have a gel that is much better than the OraGel stuff. He could be teething. Asher had his first tooth right about 4 months. Teething get easier, I promise. I just discoved Asher broke through 2 molars recently and I didn't even know!

Hannah said...

I wanted to start today over too. It really is unfortunate that mommies don't get a do over card in the morning. Or maybe a rewind button would be better. I think Gracie is working on the twin to the awful tooth she got when we were up there. No fun in this house either. We can sympathize.