Monday, September 15, 2008

First Camping Trip

This past weekend we went camping with Nate and Ramie at Mayfield Lake, near Mossyrock, WA. It was a great spot and a beautiful weekend. The Moody's brought their tent trailer for us, which was fantastic because my only concern was Ephraim sleeping. He slept with me in my sleeping bag and did really well.

On Saturday afternoon we went berry picking - we were trying for huckleberries, but didn't find any, so we settled for blackberries. The boys were excited to make blackberry cobbler on the fire, but alas - it burned. The boys also went swimming in the lake on Saturday. On Sunday we packed up and went to lunch at Karen's Kountry Kafe. It was a great example of how to not judge a book by it's cover -it reminded me of the cafe in Tieton, WA that my uncles and dad always visited. Ephraim slept the entire way home and now we are ready to go camping again!

The tent trailer.
Berry picking.
Ephraim and Mom. We were not very good at berry picking.
The blackberry cobbler. So, So Sad.

Ephraim in his camping gear.


Anonymous said...

you are way braver than i will ever be!

Barb said...

The saddest picture I can imagine - burnt berry cobbler !