Thursday, September 04, 2008

5 Months

We have had a busy month! We went to Oregon twice and spent a week in Hawaii. Ephraim has grown a ton. Here are his highlights:
*We have finally stopped having to use a nipple shield to eat!
*He eats every 3 hours and we are trying to extend that even more.
*He has become much more coordinated with his hands and grasps at things all of the time.
*He loves water and his bath.
*He has begun scooting on his back. He arches his back and then pushes down with his heels. Several times I have been changing his diaper, reach down for a wipe and find his head off of the changing pad.
*He hasn't rolled over yet - I think he could if he really wanted to, but he is completely content on either his tummy or back.
*He loves to smile and laugh.
Ephraim right after a bath.
He was not in the mood for a photoshoot on his "birthday." I couldn't find my stuffed Dopey to take a picture with, so I put him in a Dopey t-shirt.
He loves it when Forrest makes him fly.
Aunt Belle
Sleeping on Nana's dock. I think his hands look like he is praying.
Ephraim in his first pair of jeans. Doesn't he look big?
He loves to jump in this. He giggles as he spins himself in circles.


HannahNoel said...

this is such a fun age! pretty soon he will be scooting all over the place.

Barb said...

thank you for the picture -
and wow Ephraim is so adorable and it is so great to see him growing and not so tiny!
Love you