Thursday, November 18, 2010

Playing with Cousins

We did a lot of playing in Wyoming. I think that both Colleen and I were very grateful that the three oldest played so well together. They hadn't seen each other since Christmas and they did great. There were very few squabbles in two weeks.

The two sweet babies just hung out with us and played with each others toys.

Every morning during the week Colleen does preschool with her girls. Since Ephraim and I have started to do preschool we just joined in with them. I think that typically Sadie pays better attention, but Ephraim was no help.
I like that in this picture you can see Colleen and Elisa working hard on her letters with the two hooligans wrestling over the chair behind them.
I have to show a picture of Ephraim in "his" Cubbies gear. Colleen is the Cubbies director at their church, so she let Ephraim join Elisa and Sadie and twenty other Cubbies both Mondays. Ephraim LOVED it. He wanted a bag just like them, he loved the vest and I think next year we will get him involved.


Anonymous said...

Emmett LOVES cubbies! And he even learnes his verses. So adorable. And that vest just kills me. And the patches!

Barb said...

I love it that is wearing the cubbie's vest and riding his swiffer at the same time!