Saturday, November 06, 2010

Colleen's Birthday

From September 22

Today was Colleen's 30th birthday. We started off the morning with cinnamon rolls, opening presents and preschool. Colleen took the big kids for a bike ride down to their neighbor Patti's house while I stayed home with the little ones.
We then packed up the kids and drove to Jackson Lake Lodge. This picture is of Mt. Moran. Forrest proposed to me at the base of it.
We went for a short hike before we saw a thunder storm starting to roll in.
Colleen and her girls.
Me and my goofballs
Since our trip to the Lodge was cut short we went to the Visitor's Center in Moose. The kids are sitting on these screens that change every few minutes. I believe this one is a frozen creek, but there was also a running creek, skiing and leaves. They were fascinated.

After the Visitor's Center we met up with Colleen's mother in law, Becky at McDonalds for "Smiley Boxes" (happy meals). These smiley boxes come with 2 animal cracker type cookies. I think I should complain to the McDonald's by my house.

We then went home and Colleen blew out the candles on her cupcakes with a few helpers.

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