Saturday, November 06, 2010

Library, Lunch and the Park

From September 21

Tuesday morning was filled with preschool and then heading to the library for story time. We met up with Jenn, and some other friends of Colleen's.

Hayden and Elisa listening to the story.
After the library Colleen, Jenn, Becca and I took all of our kids to New York City Sub Shop for lunch. (That is a total of 9 kids). This is seriously the best sub shop ever. When I am pregnant I have cravings for this place. They have one in Hood River and 2 in the Bend area. If you live in Portland, you need to go.
The sub shop is across the street from a park so we headed there after lunch.
Elisa and Trinity. Trinity is the same age as Sadie, but thinks that she and Elisa are the same age.
After naps, look who taught herself how to sit up?
We went for a walk in the afternoon. I think this picture shows the size difference between the cousins. Selah outweighs sweet Raina by 3 pounds.
Pure sweetness.

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