Saturday, November 06, 2010

Hidden Falls

Forrest and I took a 2 week trip to Jackson in September. He went hunting with Erik for the first week while Colleen and I held down the fort with 5 kids. The next week was relaxing and we did some hiking and visiting with friends.

From September 18th

Forrest and Erik left early this morning to go on their week long hunting trip with Erik's dad, Doug and his uncle Dave. Colleen had planned activities for us the week we were by ourselves and the first adventure was to hike up to hidden falls.

From the Jenny Lake parking lot you can take a boat over to the trailhead. Ephraim loves all things boat so he thought this part was a blast.
The hike is only about a mile. It is pretty steep at times and I was a bit worried about how the Arnold's would do with the elevation change (going from sea level to over 6000 feet can be hard) but we did great.
Colleen's good friend Addie joined us with her little girl. We got so many comments about how brave we were. My favorite came from the man who took this picture and called us "pioneer women".
Hidden falls.
Elisa and Ephraim ran most of the hike.
Huckleberries. There were just a few left on the branches and we had to eat them.
This park ranger was also picking huckleberries and shared some with the kids.
Beautiful fall colors (and cute kids)

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