Tuesday, February 02, 2010

January Recap

1 - Rang in the New Year with a bang by going to sleep at 10PM (Amy). Went over to the Brownlee's house to stay the night and got to see the Coleman's too.
2 - Spent another night at the Brownlee's. Ephraim and Grace had fun going down a ridiculous slide that Forrest and Merrick put together for them.
7 - Started Bible Study again. Going through Focus on the Family's Truth Project
15 - Headed down to Oregon to say goodbye to Ryan and Emily. Stopped nursing Ephraim (cold turkey). I was just over it and Forrest told me to just quit.
17 - Ryan and Emily left for 13 months in Germany
22- Headed down to Oregon
23- Amy's 1998 GFU volleyball team was inducted into the George Fox Hall of Fame. Ephraim got to hang out with Gracie while Forrest, Amy, Barb and Michelle attended the banquet.
25- Amy's mom (Barb) came up to help organize so that we could get some painting done.
29- Frank and Lona (Forrest's parents) came up to paint the nursery and Ephraim's new room (the old office)

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