Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life Through the Eyes of Ephraim

I am 22 months old and am doing lots of new fun things.
My daddy works from home on Mondays - and this picture shows the position that Wallis and I spend a lot of time in. We want in and Daddy is usually on a call and won't let us in.

Speaking of Daddy - he is my favorite person -except for when I am hurt or tired. Then I want mommy.
My mom and I have the following conversation 10-15 times a day.
Wallis barks
me: Daddy?
mom: Daddy went to work
me: car
mom: yep, Daddy took the car
mom: that's right, Daddy needed his keys to start the car

My room has been painted green. I like it.
I like my big boy bed and enjoy bouncing on it.
Mommy really likes the closet and all of the baskets. I like to empty them and then "help" put them back together.

Mommy tells me that I am having a sister. I don't get it.
I do like to rub her belly and help her put lotion on it. She is getting big. It is hard for me to snuggle.
When mommy puts me down for a nap - I like her to wear v-neck tshirts. If she doesn't have one on, I ask her to take her shirt off so I can snuggle better.

Lately I have been choosing not to wear clothes. I have two reasons for this.
1 - I want to put my pants on myself. Even though I don't know how. I get really mad if someone tries to help me. Mommy says that if I want to be cold - that is my choice.
2 - I have better access to my diaper. I tell Mommy that it is dirty and "ack" and then I take it off. Mommy thinks it is great that I am so close to potty train. She does not appreciate me taking off poopy diapers by myself.
This is my new room. Didn't Daddy and Grandpa do a great job on the stripes?
I love to run from wall to wall in here. Grandpa is making me a bed and Mommy is picking out my bedding. It is going to be a transportation theme - but Mommy is picky.
Other fun things I am doing:
*Mommy has been sick lately and throwing up a lot. I don't let her go anywhere by herself, and everytime she throws up I say "whoa". I try to imitate her by leaning over and making a noise and then spitting. I think it is funny. Mom and Daddy don't like it.
*My favorite books are: Mr. Brown Can Moo (I call it pop, pop, pop), Pat the Bunny, Manners Matter, and God loves Shapes.
*I love to eat crackers and raisins. I also like chicken, rice, waffles, french toast and quesadillas.
*I eat 4 meals a day and it really depends on my mood on how well I eat
*I take a 1.5 hour nap everyday around noon.
*I like to wake up in the middle of the night and then sleep with mommy and daddy. I freak out if Daddy tries to get me back to sleep and Mommy is too tired to fight with me. Ha ha!
*I love to take showers with Mommy and help her wash the dishes (bubbles).
*I enjoy watching the Olympics and yelling "go!" at the TV.


tnorrislee said...

Loved the view from Ephraim's eyes! He sure is a cutie. Trish

Barb said...

Oh Ephraim - you are too cute!