Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Update

This post could also be titled: My children like to do things on their own schedule

Gestational age: 36 weeks, 6 days
Weight gain: Not really sure. I went to the main office today and their scale is not as nice according to the nurse - I am not sure what she put down
BP: 118/70
Fetal heart rate: 143

Today my appointment was at the main office in Renton so that we could have an ultrasound to check baby's position and size. 2 weeks ago baby girl was breech so my doc wanted to see if she still was. Thankfully baby girl is now head down. Dr. Rice says there is a 10% chance that she could flip back to breech, but that she is most likely more comfortable head down and will probably stay that way. All I can say is that she took her sweet time getting there. My mom speculates that all of the coughing and throwing up that I have been doing probably bothered her head and she wanted to get as far away as possible.

Speaking of me being sick - I am on week 2 plus of being sick. I have been coughing so hard that it makes me throw up - not very pleasant. Today Dr. Rice prescribed me a stronger version of Robitussin so hopefully that should help. He warned me that it could make me drowsy and my response was "I don't care, I am so tired of being sick".

I have also been switched over to Heparin as of tonight. I will inject the heparin twice daily instead of the Lovenox, which is once daily. When we went to fill the prescription today the pharmacy said they didn't have any (and I had flashbacks of 2 years ago) - however they were able to transfer my prescription to a pharmacy in Renton and we will pick it up tonight.

Dr. Rice checked me today and I am 3 centimeters dilated. Yikes! At this point with Ephraim I wasn't dilated at all. The best part is that I haven't had any contractions. Maybe the vomiting and coughing did it. There was no mention of how effaced I am and no guessing as to when baby could arrive. I know that I could be at 3 centimeters for another 3 weeks. The ultrasound tech also estimates that baby girl is currently 6 pounds, 14 ounces which is bigger than her brother was when he was born. Next appointment - March 3rd.

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BabyBrock said...

3 cm dilated! Wow- that baby girl is going to be here soon! Don't forget the weight estimates are usually off anyways : ) Can't wait to meet her. Hope you feel better.