Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random Thoughts From Inside My Head

There are a lot of questions that I would love for Ephraim to be able to answer:
*What is your fascination with the dog water and why do you like to drink from it like a dog?
*Who taught you to be sneaky and call the dog and then sneak him food? Why is that taking your food from you does not deter you from this behavior?
*Why do you cry and shake your head no emphatically when I ask if you want to take a shower with me and then not want to get out when the shower is done?
*Why do you think hitting is funny?
*Why do you pick up toys at other peoples homes, but not at ours?
*Why can you sleep 10 hours straight but never 11 or 12?
*Why am I not allowed to sit on the couch when we are in the living room?
*Why did you cry when I left you with your dad for 2 hours? You love him.

Things I am loving about Ephraim right now:
*when he wakes up in the morning he immediately asks for Daddy and then Wallis
*he loves to help - unload the dishwasher, wipe the table/chairs, he tries to give me toilet paper any time I am in the bathroom (brushing my teeth, doing hair, etc)
*if both Forrest and I are home - he wants to be with Forrest. He loves his daddy.
*I love how rough and tumble he is and then will run over and give you a hug and say "hi"
*he knows and loves all of his grandparents - I think it is funny that he tries to get away with things he knows he can't do at home
*he is still a snuggler when he is tired
*how he has figured out both baseball and soccer without either of us teaching him
*he will let you know if he doesn't like something - he has strong opinions
*he loves to kiss and hug
*he understands that mommy is trying to get things organized in their house and tries to help

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Barb said...

Aren't children great thought providers! I am thankful (I chose this word because it is nearly Thanksgiving) you wrote out all these thoughts about Ephraim. Memory makers. Give him a big hug from Nana