Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Baby Update

Gestational age: 24 weeks, 5 days
Weight gain: 5 pounds
BP: 118/64

My doctor doesn't tell me how fast the heartbeat is... just lets me know that everything looks good. I was actually pleasantly surprised that I had only gained 5 pounds in the past month. When I stepped on my mom's scale two days after Thanksgiving I thought I was closer to 8. I think I showed great self restraint the rest of the weekend by not eating any pie. I love that I have the same doctor that I had with Ephraim because he said not to worry about my weight gain and that I did the same thing last time and "slowed it down in the end". It is nice to know that he knows my complete history when it comes to being pregnant.

I got the pleasure of drinking fruit punch glucola at 8:45 this morning. It doesn't taste terrible, but it makes me sick to my stomach for awhile afterwards. I am expecting to pass my glucose test, but who knows. Baby girl has moved up slightly out of my pelvis, which has made the lower abdomen pain I had been feeling almost disappear. She continues to kick every time Ephraim climbs on me, which makes me giggle every time. She has pretty consistent times of the day when she is active - 6AM, noon, 8PM, and 11 PM. I think I am too busy chasing Ephraim to notice other super active movement. An interesting and reassuring phenomenon with this pregnancy is that my belly has pulsed with her heartbeat since I was about 8 weeks along. I can't feel the pulsing, but you can see it if I sit still. Anytime I start to worry about how long it has been since I felt the last kick - I just have to sit still and look at my pulsing belly. (Forrest can see it pulse too - so I know I am not imagining things)

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Hannah said...

Five pounds? You totally could have eaten more pie.

My tummy pulsed with my heartbeat, but not with baby's. That's kind of cool.