Friday, November 06, 2009

19 months

I cannot believe that my baby is 19 months old. He just keeps growing and growing.
At his 18 month check up his stats were:
weight: 24 pounds, 6 ounces (20th percentile)
height: 34 inches (90th percentile)
head: 18 something inches (20th percentile)

Ephraim has only gained 1 ounce since his 12 month appointment. Our doctor is pretty concerned with how much he has fallen off of his growth chart. He does not really like dairy products and the doctor thinks he isn't getting enough fat calories. I was instructed to give him as many whole milk products as he will allow me too - and was given permission to sweeten his milk with chocolate. He has been eating whole milk yogurt for breakfast every morning since. The doctor also told me to give him orange juice with calcium. We have to go back in December for a weight check to make sure that he is gaining.
Words Ephraim says on a regular basis:
mama - mom
ma ma - more
dada - dad
"hi - is" - Hi Wallis
ga-ga - cracker
da - down
ba - ball
honks like a truck
nana - banana
ap - apple
juz - juice
dap- diaper
bu - button
shoes - shoes and socks (they both go on feet)
ha - hat
His vocabulary seems to be growing every day and there are quite a few words that he has said once, but doesn't use them in the correct context - crazy, pumpkin, etc.
do you like the look on his face - I tell him one two three and he smiles after I take the picture.

We seem to play catch all day long. He cannot get enough of balls at the moment. He appears to grasp the concept of softball as he will bring me a ball - stand about 5 feet away with his "bat" (any stick like object he can find) - will swing after I throw the ball and then run in a circle, bring the ball back to me and go back to his original spot with a bat. I think we are going to get him a little baseball set for Christmas. He also loves to play golf with his balls and sticks. (I am writing this and having a hard time imagining dolls in my future - but I know they will be there!) Ephraim loves to help me cook and loves to stir.
wreaking havoc in his bedroom - see all the books on the floor and the empty bookshelf?

Ephraim's favorite foods at the moment are yogurt, breakfast sausage, chicken and macaroni and cheese. Trying to get him to eat a lot of vegetables has become a battle. He loves to be independent and sit on a big chair at the table eating breakfast and lunch. We go through multiple outfits a day because of the messes he makes doing things by himself. He climbs on anything and everything and taught himself how to climb up a ladder last weekend. He is still an inconsistent sleeper - but has been doing much better and will sleep 10 hours straight once or twice a week. We are having so much fun with him at this stage - even with the tantrums.


Bethany said...

What a handsome boy! He looks like a lot of fun. Eleanor won't drink milk, either, but she will drink the Horizon organic strawberry milk... so I've started giving her whole milk sweetened with Nestle's Strawberry Quick. Works wonders.

Barb said...

Wow you have been really busy posting pictures. I was only gone for a few days but you have done a great job of posting pictures of my favorite grandson!