Monday, August 31, 2009

The Wedding

From July 10

At last a post on the reason we went to Wyoming. My cousin Alfred got married to a great family friend, Bailey Willcox. It was so much fun to see them get married and have Bailey join our family.

The wedding site. I don't know that you could ask for a prettier spot to get married.

Alfred, waiting for his bride.
My cousin Mike and Michelle walked in together. They had just done a little skip and were laughing at each other.
Bailey and her dad Lee.
All of the groomsmen.
A small tutorial on how to keep small children entertained at a wedding:
Feed them lots of snacks.
Let them play with things in their mouth (it keeps them quiet)
Drink water. My small child was in the back with his dad playing in the buckets they had full of ice and water bottles.
I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Godfrey!
We walked along the river dike to the house where there were appetizers and drinks while the wedding party took pictures.
This is the house where they served appetizers. Bailey nannied for this family for 3 years and they were gracious enough to open up their home for her wedding.
Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of the reception - due to me being more worried about my child's eye than taking pictures (see next post).

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