Monday, August 31, 2009

First Trip to the ER

From July 10th,

From the minute I found out I was having a boy, I knew that I would be making trips to the ER for bumps, bruises, broken bones. I did not forsee our first trip happening at 15 months of age however.

Ephraim got a cold mid week during our trip. By Thursday, the cold had traveled to one eye and it had started to swell. By early Friday evening his one eye was getting worse and the other eye was starting to get red. While at the reception, we decided we couldn't wait for morning and left after cake to go to the ER.

Ephraim wasn't fazed by the ER at all. We didn't get there until almost 10, but were taken back to a room within 5 minutes of arriving.
Two close ups of his eye. Poor baby.
Ephraim had fun playing with the spinning chair, didn't mind when they took his temperature rectally and kept trying to escape out of the curtains and run into the hallway.
They diagnosed him with an ear infection in both ears and conjunctivitis in his eye due to his cold. They sent us home with eye goop and an antibiotic. Our entire ER trip lasted less than an hour.

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Sarri said...

Well, here's to first ER trips not being horribly traumatic! Those eyes though! Poor guy!

And yes- we both tried different beers at the Brew Pub- I think I had the Snake River Pale Ale, but I can't remember now- Joel picked them out. SO good though. I had the "Blue" pizza with apples and bacon. Seriously, it was the best pizza ever!