Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Playing in the Fountain

From early July:

While we were in Jackson, Forrest spent a lot of time working on the island. Colleen and I took Ephraim and Sadie out there to check on his progress and they found the fountain.

They had a bunch of fun playing in the water and allowing the frog to squirt them.
We had to stop once we realized there was a small ant hill in the fountain and the water was causing them to come out and they were climbing all over Sadie.

(I hope I am no longer in trouble Michelle)


Bethany said...

Eleanor was begging me to show her a baby on the computer, so thank you for obliging with your newest post. :)

She also just learned how to say "wa-ter" while looking at Ephraim being squirted by the frog. That will be a helpful word! Thanks, Ephraim.

jhjumper said...

I love the pictures!! That was fun and the island still looks great, although the daisies have completely taken over. You are officially off the bad list. However, one post a week or I will put you back on. :)