Sunday, January 18, 2009


My mom called me Friday morning and asked if I wanted to go to Wyoming. I said "sure!", not really knowing if she was truly serious. When she showed up at my door on Friday night I knew it was for real.

We left Saturday morning and made it to Jerome, ID before we stopped for the night.

It was foggy and cold the entire drive on Saturday.
Ephraim taking a break and driving at one of our many stops. Ephraim did fantastic on the trip. I was preparing for the worst since he typically hates his car seat. My back up plan was to have my mom drop me off at the Boise airport and I would fly home.
Ephraim and Nana.
We made it to Jackson by 2 on Sunday afternoon. Ephraim had become tired of his car seat by then and I pacified him with a teething biscuit. What a mess!

Colleen was completely surprised when I knocked on the door as she had no idea I was coming. We screwed up naptime that day, but I think the Wachobs thought it was worth it.

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