Saturday, January 10, 2009

Busy Beaver

Now that everyone has received their Christmas presents - I can share what we gave them. For some silly reason I decided that I should make the majority of the presents we gave. It was a bit overwhelming but I got everything done before Christmas.
Elisa wanted a pink bracelet and a necklace to go with it.
These ribbon blankets were for Ephraim. I used scraps from some other blankets I have made. He loves the small one.
These blocks were for Sadie - but I made Ephraim some too but instead of purple I used blue fabric.
This is a table cloth I made for Colleen. I actually made a total of 5 table cloths but did not take pictures of the rest.
Some more letters. I also made some that said Peace -but didn't take a picture.
I think I am most proud of this lap quilt that I made for Michelle. It was the most time consuming, but I think it turned out well.


Colleen Wachob said...

You are amazing! I agree - the quilt you made for Shelley is absolutely beautiful. The colors were gorgeous. And I love my tablecloth and blocks too. And - Sadie loves the blocks. Erik used one as a pillow during the football game tonight.

Joani said...

Very impressive! You inspired me. I started using all my flannel and ribbon scraps to make tag blankets yetesterday. And what size squares did you use for the blocks? If you want to use my crayon purse or apron patterns for next year let me know!

Barb said...

You were a true busy beaver and all the gifts are wonderful! I love my tablecloth!