Saturday, January 03, 2009

Polar Bear Swim 2008

I contemplated having these pictures be apart of my Christmas post, but they really deserve a post of their own.

On Christmas Day we arrived at my mom's house around 3:30PM. Michelle was in her bathing suit. When asked why, she responded "Ryan dared me to jump in the river." Forrest quickly responded with "Yes!" So... all of us went down to the dock.

Here is the Willamette River on Christmas afternoon.
Looking down my mom's dock.

All three of them right before the jump.
Michelle contemplating if she really wants to do this.
Ready, Set, Jump!
They were screaming from the cold the minute their feet touched the water. Ryan and Forrest jumped out farther than Michelle, so they had to swim back.
Drying off.
Forrest casually walking back to the house. They all said that once they got out of the river it wasn't really cold anymore. I believe that they plan to make this an annual tradition.

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Living the Life.... said...

One word, CRAZY!