Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Latest Shenanigans

Ephraim is learning new tricks everyday and continues to amaze me with his sweet personality. He loves to chase the vacuum cleaner. Yesterday I finished vacuuming and turned around to see this face.

He then proceeded to do this:
Don't worry - I took the cord out of his mouth and gave him a stern talking to about the dangers of eating cords and electrocution and I am sure he understood all of it.
I finally caught a picture of him bear crawling. This is all he does now.
Cruising between our windows. Check out the back rolls!
This is what happens when you let Ephraim try to feed himself. He didn't get much in his mouth because he doesn't like to use his thumbs. Five minutes after this picture he fell in the bathroom - bit his tongue, bruised his chin and was bleeding all over me - but that is a story for another post.


Shannon said...

Amy, those aren't back roles it's just his eight pack on his back!

Bethany said...

Goodness Ephraim! You're one active little bugger! I love your bear crawl.

Living the Life.... said...

He is growing so fast!!