Tuesday, December 30, 2008

An I-5 adventure continued

Thanks for all of the prayers for our trip down to Oregon. The roads were clear (with a little slush in Castle Rock) and Ephraim slept most of the way there. We had to make one stop to get gas and feed Ephraim. We paid 91 cents per gallon! You read that correctly. 91 cents. Thank you Safeway for allowing me to add up my 10 cents per gallon off. It made a huge difference in filling up the suburban.

On Christmas day we continue our adventure down to my mom's house in Newberg. Getting out of Frank and Lona's neighborhood was interesting, but the roads were clear until we hit Wilsonville road. I must comment about the morons driving on clear highways with chains going 60 miles per hour. That is not how you drive with chains! You can't go that fast with them on your car! Stop, pull over and take them off!

While I am ranting - this whole winter storm would not have been such a big ordeal if the transportation departments in Oregon and Washington would learn how to snow plow! The plow needs to TOUCH the pavement. And actually scrape the snow and ice off. They made it more treacherous by removing the top layer of snow and leaving the ice. Morons. I could plow better than them - and its a scary thought to invision me behind a snowplow.

Enough ranting. I will update more later on our fun week in Oregon.

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