Thursday, December 04, 2008

8 Months

I must say that I have the world's cutest 8 month old boy. He is such a doll, and so happy.
He is super mobile and has a crazy looking commando crawl that gets him anywhere he wants to go - which is usually the dog's toy box.
He weighs about 21 pounds and breastfeeds every 4 hours.
He is beginning to pull up on things and when he is tired of his crib, tries to use the bumpers to help him escape.

His blue eyes just kill me.
He seems to know when he is being funny and loves to blow bubbles.
He is still a horrible napper and is really inconsistent with how long he sleeps at night, but he is not fussy or whiny when he doesn't sleep.
He has started to babble - and his favorite sound is dada. He also loves to squeal as high and as loud as he possibly can.
He will chase Wallis anywhere, but Wallis is getting smart and is spending time on the couch when he gets tired of his tail being pulled.


Andrea said...

What a chunker! Asher was only 21.5 lbs at his 15 month checkup! He is pretty darn cute.

Bethany said...

So cute! And so big! I'm really glad he's a happy boy. His big blue eyes are amazing.

Marisa Coleman said...

His blue eyes kill me too. What a guy! Can't wait to see him and you again!

Emily said...

I love the background of that first photo. The two of you look smashing in front of those beautiful leaves!