Sunday, April 07, 2013


Not many know  - but back on July 27, 2012 we found out we were pregnant.  Eight days later on August 4th we miscarried.  Today would have been that sweet babe's due date.

Having now miscarried twice - I will say that this second time was different in many ways.  It was physically less painful, but was also emotionally less painful as well.  I grieved - absolutely, but there is something different about miscarrying when you have two healthy beautiful children and miscarrying when you don't have any kids.

I have been blessed both times to be pregnant again rather quickly - and this time VERY quickly.  :)  So while I am thoroughly enjoying being pregnant with this sweet baby girl who is currently kicking up a storm - I wanted to make sure that our sweet baby in heaven gets a mention - and is remembered.

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Barb said...

All our children are sweet blessings. Knowing Boppa was there to great this one is comforting to me. Love you.