Wednesday, April 24, 2013

34 weeks

Current Stats on 4/23

Gestational age: 34 weeks, 1 day
Weight: + 2 pounds bringing my total weight gain to 21
Blood pressure: 116/80
Fetal movement: This baby seems to be head down and break dancing on her head.  I get lots of turns and spins.

We believe that Squirt is head down.  I am getting lots of hiccups in my hips and believe that it is her bottom that spins around above my belly button on a regular basis.  Before she flipped she was a very active kicker/puncher, but now it is just more giant spinning movement and stretching.  I seem to be carrying all my weight in my tummy and it is fun to see how my stomach changes shapes.  She is pretty active at night after dinner and the kids like to feel her move.  She is a stinker and won't move when Forrest puts his hand on my belly, but he likes to watch and laugh.

I am still having headaches - although thankfully they are not every day.  However the days I do have them, they are doozies.  I am so thankful that headaches are only something I struggle with when I am in my third trimester - knowing that there is only 6 more weeks of them makes them easier to handle.

Other than the headaches I am feeling pretty fantastic.  I have the normal end of pregnancy issues - difficulty bending over to pick things up, hard time sleeping, some light discomfort in my hips and for some odd reason  morning sickness has returned.  Thankfully it is only first thing in the morning and not all day - although why my body thinks it needs to throw up a completely empty stomach is a mystery to me.

I have been having a lot of braxton hicks contractions the past week.  On Monday night they were coming every 7 minutes for 45 seconds for about and hour and a half.  They aren't painful, more super uncomfortable.  My doctor isn't concerned about them at all, and says that is going to happen a lot more frequently from now on.  I never really experienced braxton hicks this early with Ephraim or Selah so it is new and interesting.  Makes me curious to see what labor is going to be like with this one if my body is starting to practice so much sooner.

In two weeks I will go back for my 36 week appointment and have a growth scan.  It will be fun to see baby girl again - and double check to see if she is actually head down or just fooling us.  Let the six week countdown begin!

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