Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt Party

From March 23rd, 2013

Ephraim and Selah's birthdays are about 3 weeks apart. Which means that while I can, I get to throw combined birthday parties. With Easter falling in between their birthdays this year, the kids decided that they wanted to have an Easter Egg Hunt party.

I made each kid attending the party their own treat bag to put the eggs in.  Each guest had a rabbit bag and Ephraim and Selah had egg bags.
Bunny crackers in carrot bags.
Annie's bunny fruit snacks.
I had some Oriental Trading crafts for the kids to do - magnet eggs and a sticker page.
Bunny cups.
The spread.
I bought these hanging eggs from Oriental Trading.  They were super cute.
The main event was the egg hunt.  Forrest and I had filled over 100 eggs with jelly beans and he hid them in the back yard.  Hiding might be an overstatement - they were all over the ground in plain sight.  :)  The older kids were told how many they could pick up (12) so that there were plenty for the younger kids.
This is the only picture of one of my kids on the day of the party.  Selah in the purple sweatshirt and rainboots.
Because the weather was so beautiful the kids chose to play outside and run around.  We came back in to cut the cake, but then they mostly went outside to play.
My kids had a blast and we are so thankful that all of their friends could make it!

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Colleen Wachob said...

Hey! Long time no bloggy! I just checked your blog on a whim and found all kinds of fun pictures of your wonderful family. I miss you guys -- and you are really cute!