Thursday, April 11, 2013

32 weeks

Weight gain: + 2.5 pounds
Blood Pressure: 118/70

Nothing too exciting to report after this appointment.  Two weeks ago I was struggling with headaches and decided to try my doctor's suggestion of eating more quinoa.  Two days of eating quinoa and they disappeared.  It was so nice to feel fantastic after having a headache every day for over 2 weeks.  On Monday afternoon I came down with a pretty strong headache and took two of my prescribed pills (prescription strength Tylenol, caffeine, muscle relaxant combo) and woke up Tuesday feeling much better.

Baby girl (or Squirt as my kids like to call her) is believed to still be transverse.  She wasn't being super cooperative for the doctor to try to feel her position, but based on her movements, I would guess she hasn't budged.

Things are starting to get a little more uncomfortable.  We had a few nice days of no rain and were able to play in the backyard - I have a camping chair out there and it is really low to the ground and is getting hard to get out of.  I do not enjoy having to bend over to pick up toys, but am still comfortable sitting on the floor and getting up.  I am starting to experience some mild heartburn (usually at night), but have discovered Tums Refreshers which taste like a breath mint.  I have struggled with eating Tums forever, but these are actually palatable!

I have been feeling really crafty and have been sewing up a storm.  I can't post pictures yet because I have made some things for my other pregnant friends, but believe me - they are cute and I will post pictures soon.

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jhjumper said...

I think Squirt is a great name! Nickname at the very least. I can't wait to meet her when I come home! I hope for your sake and mine that she shows up before the 7th!